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Pantelis Sakellariadis

Pantelis Sakellariadis was born at 1977 in Athens. He was involved from an early age in classical sports and his first encounter with the art of Aikido was in 1995 as a student in Fukushinkan Dojo of George Kolliopoulos Sensei. While studying Aikido in Fukushinkan Dojo, he had also the chance to train extensively under the guidance of Kostas Giannas Sensei.

After the completion of his military service, he joined Kobukan Dojo of Athens under  Adam Adamski Sensei (5th Dan Aikido).
Alongside his training in Aikido, Pantelis Sakellariadis began his training in the Martial Art of Judo in Panhellenic Gymnastics Association, following the teachings of Athanasios Kaparos Sensei (6th Dan).
He is a Graduate of Business Administration from Portsmouth University and his professional career includes a several years employment  in the Procurement and Contracts departments of Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications and National Bank of Greece.
He currently holds the rank of 4th Dan in the martial art of Aikido and he is also a 1st Dan in Judo. He is the leading instructor of Martial Arts Foundation.

Christos Milios

Christos Milios was born in Athens in 1976. He began his practice in Aikido in 2008.

At 2011 has been earned the rank of Fukushidoin "assistant instructor". He currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan Aikikai and  2nd Dan in the art of Jujitsu. He teaches at the Warriors Spirit Dojo at Glyka Nera, Athens.